Is to provide some comfort, some pleasure, and a smile

for the children with

Gifts of Unique, Hand Made, Cuddly, Fun, Colorful

Pocket Blankets, and fun themed Treasure Bags

to keep their own personal treasures in.

Every item is made with tender loving care, by Kind and Compassionate Donors from all walks of life - Individuals, Church Groups, Fabric Stores, Quilters, Quilting Guilds, Girl Scouts, Civic, Senior, and Women’s Groups.


•    Make and Donate Cuddly, Pocket Blankets and
     Treasure Drawstring Bags.

•    Donate Fabric.

•    Donate Funds.

•    Form a Covers With Love Sewing Group.

•    Spread the word about Covers With Love.

Get Involved

Show You Care

Create a smile

Make a Difference.

Your contribution will be sincerely appreciated.

Pocket Blankets
Treasure Drawstring Bags

Covering Critically Ill

Children with Love

For Children with Cancer and Other
Life Threatening Illness or Injuries.

In Rady Children’s Hospital and attendees of 

The Seany Foundation - Camp Reach For The Sky.

The heartbreak of Children’s Cancer spares no one.

Children from all walks of life are affected.

Families are devastated.

Hospitals are places of science, treatment and hope,

They are also stark white places filled with fear of the unknown,

with so many unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells everywhere,

and strangers coming into the room prodding and poking.

All this can be a very traumatic,

and frightening experience for a child.

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